The Ag Container Transport History

While Ag Container Transport LLC officially opened its doors in 2003, the Landis family has been in the business of agricultural transportation and logistics since the 1970s. We started as a farm and hauled our own product with our own trucks. At the turn of the decade, word got out about our effective strategies and we began to help other local companies carry their goods.

Twenty years down the road, after we had refined our process, another merchant tapped us for our services and inquired about our container transportation capabilities – an area we had not explored too much at this point.

We accepted the new challenge and, after a little bit of learning, the Ag Container Transport dream was born.

From Farms to Truck Fleets

Coming from an agricultural background, our team has an impenetrable work ethic and undeniable dedication. The time spent as a family-owned farm taught us how to efficiently solve problems on the go and on our own. Farming is no easy task. From raising cattle, to growing crops, to financing and transporting – you have to have a great knowledge base to efficiently and effectively run the entire show. When it’s your business and your name on the line, nothing slips between the cracks. All jobs are completed with pride. This experience and upbringing has allowed us to excel, but still remain humble.

While our expertise is in agricultural and intermodal transportation, there isn’t too much that we won’t try. If you need a custom job done, we adhere to that demand and will work to get it completed for you at the lowest possible cost. If it wasn’t for this sort of diligence and commitment, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Our Philosophy on Moving Forward

Our company is currently made up of approximately 70 employees. From office staff, to drivers, to those working in warehousing and transloading – each member of the business is highly regarded and respected. We treat our workforce the only way we know how: as family. A happy personnel makes for a quality product. A quality product makes for a satisfied client, and satisfied clients make for a bright future.

As we continue to expand and improve our own company, we hope to see yours grow, as well. We know the importance of honest work and a reliable hand in the field. With Ag Container Transport, you can expect all the professionalism and tools of a corporation with the efficiency, pride and passion of a family-owned and operated business.

Contact us today at 614-409-8787 or stop by the office, located at 433 London Groveport Rd. in Lockbourne, Ohio.