Central Ohio Owner/Operator and Company Trucking Jobs

We may be a small business, but even the greatest of oaks start as an acorn, so we are constantly looking to grow. At Ag Container Transport, we value our employees and treat them like family. Our staff is a visual extension of our practices. We work to set ourselves apart from competitors by paying employees a more competitive rate while keeping customer prices low. Efficiency and fairness is key to a positive morale among clients and coworkers alike.

Happy clients come back and happy employees get the job done and get it done well.

Talk Like Friends, Support Like Family

Our customer base is ever-growing, so keeping busy is never a problem. We regularly work to improve the equipment that you will work with everyday. We want to ensure that you drive safely and legally. Ag Container Transport looks out for its own. We are a family-owned and operated company. Because we value family highly, we make sure that you are home with yours daily. We also offer paid vacation after 90 days – accumulating from week 1 – and paid holidays.

Consider joining the AG team if you have a minimum of six months experience, an accident and DUI-free driving record, a passing interstate-certified DOT Medical exam and a CDL-A license. We are currently looking to fill 30 positions, including subcontractor owner/operator and company driver jobs. Apply today and become a part of the family tomorrow.


For Owner/Operators

If you’re looking to get on the road, we are your hookup. If you pass our safety exam and mechanic inspection, you could be hauling for us in no time. We also offer the convenient option of deducting fueling costs directly out of the paycheck to make your life easier and avoid the hassle of cutting a check.

There exists a passion and pride behind the work that we do, and we look for that in a potential employee. If you’re dedicated to safety, efficiency and following protocol, we would like to hear from you.