Marble Cliff Container Depot and Storage Services

While Ag Container Transport specializes in trucking and logistics, along the way, a company needs a storage yard to keep its massive equipment in safe keeping before the next assignment. Our team looks to bridge the various needs throughout the transportation process as a means of building the best logistical model for your particular situation.

We partner with Marble Cliff Container Depot storage services to provide open-air container storage for our customers on a per-day or long-term basis. Our location is out of the way enough to provide a private experience, but close enough to main transportation routes to bestow a great ease of access to major rail lines and highways throughout Columbus, Ohio.


Additional features of the Marble Cliff Intermodal Storage Depot:

    Secure storage for loaded and empty containers
    Chassis storage Real-time reports and updates
    Warehousing compliance expertise
    Prime storage location for Central Ohio shipping outlets and ports

Strategic Terminal Storage in Columbus for Increased Efficiency

The intermodal storage management system of Marble Cliff Container Depot operates with the primary goal of providing an efficient experience for all parties involved. After an import box is unloaded in the Columbus area, we can store the container at our facility until another export job is booked. The empty is then made ready for pickup and eventual port departure.

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Secure Shipping Container Storage Yard As Part of the Process

Rest assure knowing your capital investment is in the best hands when you choose to store while on your logistical route. Our lot, based in Central Ohio, offers a secure experience along with complete access to the rest of the AG Container transloading services. We handle your equipment with immense care – as if it were our own.

Our operation began as a small transportation company and, even though we have since expanded, we still stay true to our founding,family-operated roots of doing a job correctly. Adding the Marble Cliff Container Depot to our list of services is just another way we look to become your one-stop logistics and warehousing provider.

For any further questions regarding our container depot services, feel free to contact us at anytime and we’ll provide any additional information!

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