Logistics Specialists of Central Ohio

AG Container and Transport’s logistics strategies have been proven successful since our company’s creation in 2003. Our business model and philosophy is based around productivity and maximized efficiency to help keep capital and time costs as low as possible, both for you and us.

One method of completing this goal is through our logistics services. While your company may primarily specialize in either imports or exports, we work to create an equal balance of both on our end. If a member of our fleet is out retrieving an import for you, they will be sure to complete an export job along the way. This helps cut down on wasted trips and fuel per diems.

A Mixed Fleet for All Trucking Needs

We work with both independent owner/operators subcontractors and a staff of dedicated company drivers to ensure quality and efficiency. While an owner/operator has the opportunity to refuse any job, the Ag Container Transport trucking task force is employed to accept all tasks as they are scheduled.



With Ag Container Transport, you can move more product in a shorter amount of time with fewer trucks, miles and gallons of fuel.

Overweight and Heavyweight Shipping

Some jobs call for a larger carrying capacity and, while state shipping laws sometimes inhibit maximum efficiency because of weight thresholds, we have the ability to extend these regulatory measures through the acquisition of overweight permits. The maximum gross weight allowed by law is 80,000 lbs., but our permits allow us to carry up to 120,000 lbs. This 50 percent increase in capacity can help your company save money and meet tighter deadlines.


Because of this mix of personnel, our successful appointment time is the highest in Columbus, Ohio. AG Container and Transport will use the extra fuel and resources to ensure we meet the customer’s deadline. If we promise a time frame, it will be met.

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